Coaching With Emilie

I work with women who are looking:

  • For self-acceptance
  • To love themselves exactly as they are no matter what the scale says
  • To eat and enjoy food without fear, guilt or shame
  • For more joy, fulfillment, peace, and satisfaction
  • For freedom from the comparison game
  • To live the life God created them to live

Is this you? If so, check out the 2 options below for working with me.

Private Coaching

In private coaching, you and I will work together to achieve the goals and desires you have for your life. I believe you know the answers to the questions you have, and it's my honor to walk alongside you to help you uncover them. My hope, prayer, and intention through our work together is that you begin to live MORE fully into the FREE woman God intends for you to be!

For more information about private coaching, please click the link below.

More Information About Private Coaching

Group Coaching

In group coaching, you will participate in an eight week program written specifically for women who struggle with their weight, with food, with playing the comparison game, with negative beliefs about their body, and who want to break FREE from these self-imposed prisons and life a life full of real peace, lasting joy, and unending contentment.

You will journey alongside other women to do the deeper work for REAL freedom:

  • Freedom from the food.
  • Freedom from the number on the scale.
  • Freedom from shaming you body.
  • Freedom from believing another strategy, diet, or workout routine will save you.
  • Freedom from basing your happiness on the size of your jeans.

For more information about group coaching, please click the link below.

More Information About Group Coaching