What is a Rocket Fuel Latte and Is It Right For You? [Free Recipe Inside]

This episode is going to be fun!  And different. I want to share with you my new favorite "breakfast".  The reason I put breakfast in quotes is that you don't just have to have it for breakfast and it isn't really food, at least not the way we normally think of it!

So what is this "breakfast"? It's a Rocket Fuel Latte. And I bet you're wondering what that is exactly!

In today's episode of LiveFREE TV I'm going to share with you what this wondrous beverage is and why you might want to try it out!

Today's Video: What is a Rocket Fuel Latte and Is It Right For You?



For the past 9 months or so (at the time of this writing), I have been exploring the ketogenic diet as part of my recovery from binge eating. It has been a bumpy road but as I've learned to be patient and kind with myself and trust God to show me and to reveal what is best for me, I'm finding more and more freedom in this area of food.

If you struggle with any type of disordered eating, you know the vicious cycle of going from the ditch of restrictive dieting to the ditch of binging and then back again and again and again. This cycle leads into a downward spiral of shame, guilt, and depression believing there is something deeply wrong with you  But take heart, sister! God is showing me that's just not true!  At all!

The problem is with the diet mentality we've been brainwashed to believe since we were little girls. Its a mentality that is based in believing when we execute the newest diet we're on with perfection, we'll finally get the results on the outside we believe will make us happy on the inside. That is until we find ourselves with our hand in the chip bag or the spoon in the ice cream. And then the overwhelming feeling of failure consumes us.

At some point, we'll make the resolve to try again, but this time we'll work harder and accept nothing less than perfection.

What a set up for a battle we will never win.

There is a better way and I'll be the first to tell you I don't have the answer for what you need to do or how you need to eat. But God does. And I do hope you will find encouragement and inspiration from my journey to begin to trust God as He leads you through your own process of healing and wholeness from this bondage to disordered eating.

What Does a Rocket Fuel Latte Have To Do My Binge Eating Recovery?

As I've slowly transitioned into a keto style diet, I've begun to naturally practice Intermittent Fasting, aka IF (this is a topic for another blog post!) This is not something I have forced on myself and it's not a daily rule I have to keep. It has been a natural progression.

So as I've been practicing IF recently, I've been playing around with having a Rocket Fuel Latte in the morning after my warm lemon water (more about that right here).

What I've learned from Leanne Vogel is that  "fasting, for many, is about regulating insulin." When we eat, our insulin is elevated and fat burning slows way down. When we practice IF, our insulin level remains low and our body's more easily burn our stored body fat. Yea fat burning!

But IF can be challenging because the fasting window can be long, and hunger can get intense. That's where the Rocket Fuel Latte comes in super handy!

During the fasting window, consuming a high-fat coffee with a touch of protein and carb (less than 10 grams and 3 grams respectively) will not raise insulin thus keeping us in a fat burning mode without getting so incredible hangry! (hungry and angry all at the same time!) BIG WIN!

What is a Rocket Fuel Latte?

Like I shared in the video, it is Leanne Vogel's take on the popular "Bullet Proof Coffee". She explains it this way..."the keto Rocket Fuel Latte is a high-fat, keto drink that helps our bodies shift into fat-burning mode and gives us steady energy all morning long." 

I really do find this to be true. On the days I practice IF, I have my Rocket Fuel Latte and just wait until my body is truly hungry, which is generally anytime between 11:30 and 1:30.  But again there is no hard and fast rule. I'm learning to talk to the Lord about it and listen to my body!

And for you non-coffee drinkers, you can just substitute decaf coffee or your favorite tea! The sky is the limit!

What is in a Rocket Fuel Latte?

I'm going to show you quite a options for what can go in Rocket Fuel Latte so you see how much variety there is if you decide to try this out!

Fat Options

  1. Cacao Butter - a yummy fat extracted from the cocoa bean
  2. MCT powder - a medium chain triglyceride that is easily digestible and postively affects your metabolism.
  3. Coconut Oil - a great source of healthy fat high in lauric acid which can help support hormones, the immune system, and weight loss. =

Protein Options

  1. Whey Protein Powder or Collagen Protein - a good source of protein for your Rocket Fuel Latte, I prefer whey protein for me.
  2. Hemp Hearts - high protein and beneficial fat all in this tasty little seed.
  3. Chia Seeds - another high protein and beneficial fat in this this tiny seed.

Additional Ingredients

  1. Stevia - I love this Stevia because it's a liquid and it tastes great!
  2. Himalayan sea salt - I get my grinder at Costco. This is a pack of 3 if you don't have a Costco near you!
  3. Extracts - I mainly use vanilla and peppermint, but you could use whatever kind you like!

PLUS you'll need a hand blender and I love my Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender! It does a great job and it's super easy to clean!

To get my very favorite Rocket Fuel Latte recipe to try yourself, simply click on the orange button below!



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