My BEST Solution To Eat Healthy At Home

I know how overwhelming it can be to attempt to eat healthy at home rather than run through the drive-through or even go to the grocery store and purchase pre-packaged convenience foods. If the idea of cooking at home can seem too time-consuming, too difficult, and too expensive, then I hope you'll find this episode SUPER helpful!

Weight Loss Tips - My BEST Solution To Eat Healthy At Home

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Weight Loss Tip #1: Plan Your Meals

One of the most critical aspects of eating healthy at home is getting organized.  In order to eat healthy at home, planning meals is the number one activity. I've done this two different ways, and I'll share both with you.

  1. Create your own meal plan - I use a composition notebook - you know the ones that you can get for fifty cents when school supplies are on sale. On the top of the page, I write the days I plan to cook. Then I create my own meal plan. Depending on your knowledge of cooking and ability in the kitchen this can be time intensive. There are many great recipes online for whatever type of eating style you are pursuing, but it takes time to find them.
  2. Use a "Done For You" meal plan - this is my preference after planning my own meals for years. I'm pretty knowledgeable in the kitchen, but I find myself in a rut if I rely on my own creativity and ability! The video talks more specifically about what meal planning subscription I have used in the past and what I use and love now!  You can check out the one I used for years right here, and the one I've started using since I've been pursuing a whole-food keto diet.

I've learned flying by the seat of my pants in this area sets me up for the drive-through or the convenience foods that do not support my desire to eat healthily.

Weight Loss Tip #2: Make Your Grocery List

Here's what I do each week: 

  1. Plan my meals.
    I set aside 30 minutes to plan my meals, usually on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Even using a "Done for You" meal planning service, I still write them down in my composition notebook. (Old habits die hard! LOL! ) About 2 years ago,
  2. Create a grocery list. I take my menu & create my grocery list. I divide my list into sections: Meat, Dairy, Produce, Pantry, Frozen, Household.  I then take stock of my pantry, refrigerator, & freezer to see what needs to be replaced. Now I'm ready to hit the stores!

Weight Loss Tip #3: Create Space To Execute

So here's what I do each week:

  1. Go grocery shopping. Most weeks I hit the store on Saturday morning. I know. It's a busy time, but I go on the early side & it's not too bad.I live in a fairly small town & we don't have a natural food store 🙁 But I make the best of it! I go to Kroger, which has a nice selection of organic items, and I go to Costco (my favorite) also! Costco has LOTS of organic, Non-GMO items, and even though they are larger sizes, I separate many things & freeze the extra or wrap it well & store it. Shopping here truly saves me money, because I could NEVER touch the price of products I get here at any of the chain natural food stores.
  2. Prep. I used to spend a lot of time prepping meals, mostly because I ate so many meals each day. Now that I eat a whole food ketogenic diet, I don't do any real meal prep. I do, however, wash up veggies, and make sure any meat is separated for freezing.

Weight Loss Tips - Conclusion:

The truth is planning our make-ahead meals for the week, creating a detailed grocery list, going to the store, & prepping only takes about 4 hours tops, and the peace of mind it provides is priceless!

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