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Welcome to my blog! I’m glad you’re here!

I’m passionate about living the full and satisfying life Jesus talks about in John 10:10 and believe it’s available to every one of us regardless of what happened in our past or is currently going on in life. But as I’ve pursued this life, I continue to wrestle with some deeper questions….

•  How do we live the full & satisfying life despite the messiness of our current lives?
•  How can we move beyond our past to become who God created us to be?
•  How do we sustain this full & satisfying life despite the trials, challenges, & struggles of daily living?

What I’m finding on my quest to answer these questions in my own life is a whole community of like-minded people sharing many of the same struggles as me.

Here is where we ask the hard questions about ourselves and about life, where we do our best to answer those questions authentically, and where we believe vulnerability is a badge of courage. We are broken wounded people who press on toward the upward call of Christ Jesus with great hope for our lives despite the hardships, struggles, and mess!

If you are passionate about breaking free from anything holding you back from experiencing the most joy, satisfaction, and purpose possible to live the life God created you for, this is the place for you!

I publish one to two articles per week with the intention of providing hope and encouragement for my readers. If you don’t want to miss a thing, sign up to have my most current article land in your inbox, rather than coming back here to check for fresh content. You’ll receive a free eBook on how you can live a full and satisfying life.  Join here

What others are saying….

“Love your transparency and realness!”
~ Michelle C.

“Emilie, you are the bravest woman I know.”
~ Cindy W.

“A wonderful shining light”
~ Sheila B.

“You have no idea how your messages have spoken to me”
~ Lisa P.

“Christ spoke through you with this message.”
~ Moca W.

“You put into words the very desire of my heart. Thank you for sharing on such a personal level.”
~ D.J.


Best Blog Posts

Here are a few of the most popular articles I’ve written about my journey to living a full and satisfying life:

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So sorry! I forgot to properly introduce myself!

I am a wife of 23 years to Stephen! (total hottie!)



I am a mom to 3 amazing kids! (and I’m not biased in the least!)



I am a daughter, sister, & friend.

I love Jesus, my family, my community, reading, studying God’s Word,
pursuing a full and satisfying life, cooking, Supper Club, having my very own almost 30 year old Fixer Upper,
traveling,and helping others live the life God created them to live! 

I’ve known Jesus most of my life but didn’t pursue Him on my own until I found myself facedown on the floor of my apartment in Waco, Texas when was 21.  Stick around and I’ll share more of my story with you.

Let me just say, I’m grateful for grace!

I have always loved to write and have found I express myself best through the written word. I even majored in English in college, but I never dreamed I could actually pursue writing as a career. But that’s what I’m doing.

How This Blog Began

I originally began this blog to help business owners in Network Marketing & Direct Sales create success in their own home businesses, as I had 20 years experience in the industry. (I know…..I must’ve started when I was child. LOL!) You will find quite a bit of content relevant to building a home business. However, in September of 2015, God made it very clear He had different plans for me.

Over a span of a few weeks, God asked me to share my journey to healing, recovery, and wholeness from a life-long eating disorder along with several other struggles I’ve never been able to overcome. Vulnerability and authenticity are scary when it comes to sharing the messiness of my life, but God is teaching me when I abide in Him and sit at the computer, He shows up and shows off! Big time! It’s true we only need faith the size of a mustard seed, friend! Isn’t that great news?

On this blog, I share my imperfect, rocky, personal journey to living a full and satisfying life Jesus offers each one of us in hopes my story encourages you. I pray you come to know the depth of the all-consuming, unconditional love Jesus has for you. I also pray you know He is crazy about you just as you are. You don’t have to do anything, change anything, or become anything. He loves you EXACTLY as you are! And friend, my greatest prayer for you is you embrace His love and out of the overflow live the life He created you to live!

I love being connected with others who are passionately pursuing the full and satisfying life in Jesus, so if that is you, I hope you’ll stick around! Whatever brought you to my site, I’m grateful to be connected. Take some time and check things out!

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